Counseling in Manhattan, NYC and Teaneck, New Jersey.

I practice psychotherapy that incorporates systemic, relational, humanistic, psychoanalytic, and mindfulness-based theories.

I provide individual counseling/psychotherapy for adults in NYC that are seeking hope to move forward from trauma, family of origin struggles, anxiety, anger, depression, and emotional pain.

Sexual abuse counseling can help you process your sexual abuse, gain insight to present-day compulsive behaviors, manage anxiety, build self esteem and self care, identify thoughts of self blame and shame, connect with deeper emotions, and recognize any internal defenses being triggered in your relationships.

I offer sessions for anger management. The goal of our sessions of anger management is not to lose your anger. The focus of anger management is to get in touch with your anger, connect with it, understand it, so that you may develop insight as to the messages anger is trying to convey to you and begin dealing with it in healthier, non aggressive ways.

I specialize in therapeutic work focusing on healing from trauma, inner child work, identifying & managing the different parts of Self (parts work), as well as, empowering and re-discovering oneself. You are not alone in your experience. Therapy can be a place for people to explore and address these deep-rooted conflicts and help process these abusive experiences, identifying any fragmented parts of yourself that exist as coping mechanisms to deal with trauma.

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  • Avoid Perfectionism


    Do not allow your journey of healing to be shadowed with striving for perfection. Do not! It’s important we not conflate perfection with strength, right, good, great, or progress. That we strive to be great, not to be perfect. That we view and experience our journey of healing as moments of enlightenment and times of […]

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  • Dealing with Sexual Trauma


    Unwitnessed and unseen wounding of sexual abuse can manifest in these ways. Filled with Shame. Confusion. Denial. Anger. Numbness. The world in which you knew it is over and we grieve the sense of loss of a safe world. You might blame yourself. People might blame you. Very unfortunately, in today’s world we continue to […]

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  • I’m Not Okay


    It’s hard to utter these words to yourself and others. Just even the mere thought and admittance of this can feel deeply scary and shattering. We want to show the world we are functioning. We want to show the world we are keeping up with life and have it altogether…Because society says anything less than […]

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