Being a new mother

Being a new mother

Being a new mother and maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be challenging at times. Let us not forget, there is also time to allocate for studies (if you’re taking any sort of classes for training/school), and spending quality time nurturing friendships and extended familial relationships, as well as, giving yourself some quality alone time. Where does the time even go? Sometimes it can feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete tasks, and sometimes it can feel like there are so many hours yet nothing was accomplished.

Nurturing yourself is crucial in staying centered, especially under sleep deprivation and all your responsibilities. What are some things you enjoy doing for you? Often times, mothers are so selfless–always putting their children before themselves–understandably so. However, the problem is that one cannot pour out of a cup to give another when our cup is empty. Maintaining as full a cup as possible is important in maintaining grounding…and if you are experience post-pardum depression, it’s imperative to seek professional help for support.

If you are a working mother, your career can naturally be affected by your growing family in many ways. As a new mom myself, I find myself often thinking about the importance of secure attachment in childhood and how many people do not receive the validation, praise, security, that is so necessary in creating an emotionally responsive environment. The more that I learn about attachment in relationships, the more I can provide my child with secure positive attachment and teach clear boundaries. It is easier to raise confident children than it is to rebuild and repair an adult broken heart and broken spirit.

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