Mindful Journeys MFT is conveniently located in Manhattan NYC and Teaneck NJ and provides individual therapy to support your mindful journey of healing and becoming.

Dealing with excessive worry, intrusive thoughts related to past trauma, sleep disturbance, prolonged sadness, low self esteem, and disconnection to self can be really scary, lonely, and evoke a sense of feeling lost. Sometimes it can feel parts of yourself are fragmented and pulling you in all different directions. Perhaps there are even times when you wonder, “Who am I?”

We spend much of our lives living with chronic anxiety, sometimes re-living past childhood trauma in our adulthood, trying to please others as we engage in much self-compromise, at times becoming codependent, and using others’ approval as a ruler of how we measure and define ourselves. Many individuals also experience unwanted thoughts re-living a past that no longer is, or a future that does not yet exist- unable to be fully present for themselves in the present.

Your anxiety serves a purpose, often times to protect you.

Understanding Anxiety

Anxiety is naturally a useful tool in alerting us to potential danger. Anxiety alerts us to escape threats and without healthy anxiety it would be difficult to identify when to flee present danger. However, prolonged anxiety can be a sign that you are living defensively in fear, preparing for the next disappointment, abuse, or danger to occur. Chronic anxiety and panic attacks can be a sign that you are hyperalert and unconsciously living triggered in survival mode. Living defensively can feel exhausting and it is not uncommon for people with chronic anxiety to experience sleep disturbances, addiction, depression, and disconnection to Self. Anticipatory anxiety is a form of anxiety that stems from a fear of future loss and abandonment. 

  • Are you struggling with anxiety, restlessness, or panic attacks?
  • Are you constantly living your life preparing for future loss or disappointment?
  • Have you frequently found yourself putting the needs of others before your own?
  • Do you struggle with obsessive thoughts and inability to relax?
  • Are you looking to improve the way you self soothe?
  • Do you live your life feeling guarded/protected, not allowing people to get close to you?
  • Do you have family history of anxiety and are experiencing similar symptoms?

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Your external world is a reflection of your internal world and our experiences and interactions of the world are shaped by our thoughts. To defeat the enemies outside, one must first defeat the enemies within. ~African Proverb


In our work together, I can assist you with managing your symptoms of anxiety, as well as, work with you to gain a better understanding of the inner workings of your anxiety. Through our work together, we can focus on your personal re-discovery, self-empowerment, self-image, and self-acceptance. We can work on your inner narratives, past wounding, emotions, and dreams, as well as, collaboratively focus on how you can claim responsibility over your life, to connect to all parts of yourself, and live freely as the unique being you are. Validation and being understood by a therapist can be reparative in this process and helps to model and reinforce your own compassion and support.  As you develop conscious awareness of your true Self and what is most meaningful to you, you can navigate the world through a revitalized perspective.

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