Avoid Perfectionism

Avoid Perfectionism

Do not allow your journey of healing to be shadowed with striving for perfection. Do not! It’s important we not conflate perfection with strength, right, good, great, or progress. That we strive to be great, not to be perfect. That we view and experience our journey of healing as moments of enlightenment and times of witnessing our resilience all the while recognizing our struggles and understanding that struggles are also a part of what it means to be alive.

We can experience so many parts of ourselves everyday, and life sometimes throws things we thought we were “over” and reintroduces the lesson we need to continue to master. Maybe your lesson is to strengthen self trust, self love, self acceptance, self-compassion, being vulnerable to self and others, and/or letting go.

It’s important to take things in stride, every. single. day. It surely might mean the same damn struggle, but it certainly also will mean the same damn resilience. We are truly powerful. Sometimes I really do wonder if it is our failure or our success that we most fear. Sometimes I fear both but I know neither can exist without the other. 

I hope you can find the time for a grin, a nod, a pat on the back, an embrace- an inner smile- to acknowledge that you’re still on the battlefield even when it’s painful and you feel like giving up.

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