I’m Not Okay

I’m Not Okay

It’s hard to utter these words to yourself and others. Just even the mere thought and admittance of this can feel deeply scary and shattering.

We want to show the world we are functioning. We want to show the world we are keeping up with life and have it altogether…Because society says anything less than that is weakness. Because we are pathologized and judged when we are anything less than imperfect.

It is so hard trying to hide the truth from yourself, let alone others. It’s completely OKAY to not be OKAY all of the time. It’s completely Okay to give it a voice and say I am NOT okay. I’m struggling. I’m suffering. I’m IN it. This sucks. I feel crappy. I am confused. I don’t know the answers. It is okay to ask for help. We cannot do life alone. Community that is supportive is also healing.

I’m wondering who told us that we have to have all of the answers? Who sent us the message that we have to be ON all the time? That’s so tiring. Who has taken away the space for us to be ourselves? Why have we become so judgmental and less empathic and compassionate to our own experiences and the experiences of others?

What do YOU need to allow yourself the permission to say this aloud?

Cry if you need to. Call someone if you need to…or look in the mirror and acknowledge to yourself that you may not be okay right now. I think that’s the first step toward becoming okay again…

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