Live Mindfully

Live Mindfully

Let us face it. Many of us start the week with a fresh new start, or still tired from the weekend…and before we know it, we are pulled into the abyss of stress, detachment from our bodies, disconnection from our emotions and chaos in our minds. We become so consumed by stress we forget about ourselves in the process and voila! We’re freaking IN IT- -we’re riding the chaos train in our minds and somehow we find ourselves navigating the world on autpilot—angry, disappointed, depressed, super anxious, panicked, ashamed, unforgiving of ourselves….maybe we’ll try breathwork here and there or do a guided mediation, but we feel so far gone we almost wonder if we’re drowning in our fears and stress…. I’ve been there and done that…and sometimes catch myself about to go down the rabbit hole, before making a conscious effort to PAUSE. Sometimes just taking a second to pause helps regroup us and gives us a moment to make a more conscious decision. 

But we need something more than just breathing in the moment, or taking a pause. Life is a practice, not just a noun. Love is a practice, not just a noun. Healing is a practice, not a destination. 

I think we need to start our week consciously, with full awareness of our life practice schedule….sure, if you’re anything like me—your schedule is full with appointments, errands, meetings, etc….though we also need to fill our schedule with Life practice. Self -ove practice. Mindfulness practice. 

So here is an alliteration that I encourage you to practice:

Mindful Monday:Take moments throughout your day to check in with your body. Notice how/what you’re feeling. Try not judging yourself for these feelings. Just see them.

Thoughtful Tuesday: Do something kind for yourself. Maybe say something nice about yourself. Be thoughtful to yourself. What would it look like today if you gave yourself kindness?

Willingness Wednesday:Think about what changes you’re willing to make for your healing journey.

Thankfulness Thursday:What are you thankful for? Who are you thankful for? Often times, when we’re in the thick of hurt and pain and chaos—it can be really hard to connect with things we have in our lives that teach us or bring us love.

Feelings Friday: Be with your feelings. Do a quick self -inventory about what feelings are in your body. Is there anything you feel needs your TLC? Can you free yourself from any worries today? If so, what would be the tiniest step? Can you take that tiny step today?

Soothing Saturday: Practice self soothing with healthy habitsthat bring you peace, that remind you of who you are outside of work, outside of being a parent, outside of being an employee- what makes you you?

Supportive Sunday: Community is everything! Be with others that lift your spirits today (not those that feel toxic and cross your boundaries.If you’re still building community and this feels hard to do, take a walk. Maybe go to a support group or a meet up group. Maybe do more self-care .

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