About Natalie

About Natalie

I am Natalie Gutierrez, a trauma-informed Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of New York and New Jersey. I have earned my Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Argosy University, Hawai’i Campus and a graduate of the certificate program in trauma studies at the Manhattan Institute for Psychoanalysis. I specialize working with adults who have suffered relational trauma- which include survivors of domestic violence, childhood sexual abuse, and/or sexual trauma in adulthood and are dealing with issues related to post traumatic stress, traumatic attachment, family of origin issues, depression, anxiety, shame, guilt, and anger. I work from a psycho-dynamic, humanistic perspective with an understanding of polyvagal theory, Forward Facing Trauma Therapy, EMDR (Eye- Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and I am also DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) informed.

I am transformed in my work through building strong rapport with my clients and attempt to ensure I can provide a safe and nurturing environment for their most vulnerable issues.  I consider my style of practice a peaceful balance of directive and non-directive approaches pending what fits best for our work. In a supportive space, I can journey with you into your darkest moments. I work with individuals to develop a greater understanding of how inner wounding of the past or unresolved family of origin issues and family dynamics may be influencing struggles of the present in all relationships, including relationship with self. I also have found great purpose in exploring social constructs and social justice working with communities of color. As a person of color myself, I have witnessed firsthand the intergenerational trauma and internalized racism/sexism/heteronormative attitudes that inflict our own communities so I seek to help eradicate these issues and I explore them in our work where fit. We all have an existential problem to solve. Maybe it is specific- an erratic relationship, a daunting job that is triggering, overwhelming thoughts that weigh you down, a childhood that was abusive and in need of healing and rebuilding.

As your therapist, I can provide you with a safe space to discover in your journey of healing, rebuilding, and becoming.

I seek to embark on the journey of exploration and healing with you if you are willing to delve into the depths of your spirit to be re-acquainted with your most vulnerable parts. We will explore them together. This work can feel really scary; I know because I’ve done my own healing work. I can meet you where you are to know and grow yourself mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. I believe it’s important for you to feel empowered to have control over your decisions as I believe that all people are built with everything they need and have the answers they are searching for within, but may need more guidance and coaching in cultivating self trust, self love, and improved relationship with self. It is really hard to have complete trust in yourself when you have been hurt so many times in the past, or have been blamed, shamed, and made to feel guilty for being who you are.

Psychotherapy is open-ended. Our work together can be short-term, long-term, or in-between. Psychotherapy is a journey, a process, a set of interactions, in which two people work hard together to understand the inner life of one of them by means of the unique relationship they create. It is a particular kind of discovery, a process around self revelation, that you create and make your own, and when you’re ready to continue the journey without therapy, take it along with you through the world.

I also am available for Speaking engagements and group consultation if you’re an organization looking to have a trauma-informed clinician to facilitate a healing circle.

Mindful Journeys MFT is conveniently located in Manhattan and Teaneck, NJ and provides individual therapy,  sexual abuse counseling, to encourage your mindful journey of healing and becoming.

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