Rosebud Metaphor

Rosebud Metaphor

”Healing and wholeness are discovered by opening ourselves up to our inner most self, our true self. Life is like a journey or an unfolding. Imagine the unfolding of a rose. A rosebud is beautiful just as it is in its stages of becoming. As it blooms, it becomes more and more beautiful. There is a blueprint inside the directs unfolding. It cannot be hurried, or pulled, or pried open to bloom more quickly. It must open according to its inner design.

The environment the rosebud is in also plays a role in its unfolding. The inner design needs the nurturing participation from the outside: life giving water, the warmth of the sun, good soil. Without this nurturing, the bud will not bloom, cannot unfold.

Like a rosebud, each one of us is unfolding or becoming. We are opening and exposing our true selves, our compassionate, caring, loving selves. We nurture ourselves through its process by listening to and learning from our inner most wisdom, which is our soul.

Like the rosebud, each of us has a blueprint for becoming who we really are. ” – Unknown

“There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anais Nin

My Reflection: We each are created our own unique ways and cannot go through life living by the expectations/blueprint of others because they are not our own. It’s important to establish and surround yourself with positive, encouraging, nourishing, supportive environments that help facilitate your healthy growth, instead of surrounding yourselves with unsupportive people that do not shelter you, keep you warm, accept your inner design and the individual you were created to be. Living the blueprint of others can be very burdensome.

Be where you are in your growth and remember to be compassionate with yourself throughout life’s journey. Our own changes and growth can be scary for us too, since it means departing a familiar life into unknown territory. However, the moment will arise where remaining the same and stunting one’s growth becomes more painful than the risk of the unknown: blossoming and changing. There is growth in discomfort. Grow! Make the improvements and healing changes in your life. Change is a constant and humans are constantly changing every second. You will never look at the same river twice- for the motion and waves change its appearance every second. Like nature, humans have a purpose and were meant to grow and live our soul’s blueprint- mission and vision.

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