Trauma and PTSD

Trauma and PTSD

Mindful Journeys MFT is conveniently located in Manhattan, NYC and Teaneck, NJ and provides individual therapy, sexual abuse counseling, domestic violence counseling, to encourage your mindful journey of healing and becoming.

Trauma recovery is a difficult process, but a process that also becomes more manageable along the way. When people experience trauma, they are often left in a state of panic, depression, hopelessness, anxiety, or fear. These are natural responses to considerably stressful events that fragment a person’s worldview, security, and really leave a person feeling helpless and disempowered.

I specialize working with adults who have suffered complex trauma, domestic violence, childhood sexual abuse, and/or sexual trauma in adulthood dealing with issues related to post traumatic stress, traumatic attachment, family of origin issues, depression, anxiety, shame, guilt, and anger. I work from a depth perspective (weekly sessions throughout a minimum 6 months).

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“Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls your life.” ~Unknown

While many traumatic events are usually life threatening and involve physical harm, any situation that leaves you to feel frightened, fearful, alone, helpless, and unsafe is traumatic.  No trauma can ever be minimized. Your experience is real and your pain is valid.

Post Traumatic Stress is a natural and expected response to trauma and can manifest itself in the form of anxiety or terror, depression, nightmares, sleep disturbances, flashbacks, poor eating habits,  affect your focus, and become a distraction to your daily living, as well as, hinder your quality of life. It is possible to experience these symptoms from the time of the traumatic event until years after the trauma took place. On the other hand, some people may describe themselves as feeling disconnected and numb, not knowing how to feel and process their grief and pain of the past.

There are also times when people unconsciously live in a state of trauma and do not label it as trauma. Perhaps you cannot recall much of your childhood, or you have experienced domestic violence growing up, childhood physical, emotional, sexual, and psychological abuse, experienced loss of loved ones, grew up around addiction, neglect of parents, overly critical parents, and are currently experiencing difficulty connecting to yourself or others. This can be an indication that you are carrying around unresolved trauma.

Psychotherapy is a process that facilitates conscious awareness, growth, and healing.

Psychotherapy is a process that facilitates conscious awareness, growth, and healing.

 Pain that is not transformed is transferred. Some survivors of trauma describe self-loathing and depression due to past wounding, as well as, repetitive patterns of conflict and dissonance in interpersonal interactions due to unresolved past wounding. To begin moving forward from trauma, it is most important to walk through the pain and process your grief. Survivors of trauma typically feel shame, guilt, and anger from the trauma. Many trauma survivors feel there is no other way to live and feel separated from their Self.

If you are dealing with childhood sexual trauma, it can be difficult to feel connected to yourself and others. It may also feel very difficult to feel peace or happiness as an adult victimized as a child. People encode incest and sexual betrayal differently. While there are people that respond in terror and immediately identify sexual abuse as traumatic; there are also victims unconsciously living in a state of trauma because they don’t identify what happened to them as abuse. Sometimes people are unaware they’ve been sexually abused because of confusion about the reason(s) it happened, or struggle with internal conflicts based on how they responded to the abuse. It is not uncommon for both women and men to look back at the sexual abuse with the belief they somehow caused it.

You are not alone in your experience. Therapy can be a place for people to explore and address these deep-rooted conflicts and help process these abusive experiences, identifying any fragmented parts of yourself that exist as coping mechanisms to deal with trauma.

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